Sunday, February 8, 2009

Greatest Speech of 2008

Now that we are well into the middle of February, with Obama inaugurated, and the long locust years of the bush presidency finally over, it seems a good time to look back over the clusterfuck that was most of 2008 in an attempt to find some gem, floating gleaming in the dust bin of almost history. To this end, I present, what, in my opinion is the Greatest Speech of 2008. I know that you probably won’t agree, - and if you don’t feel free to leave your own suggestions – but to me, Keith Olbermann, in the tradition of an old testament prophet, stood up, and showed us a way through the dessert of vacant rhetoric, empty headed bombast and demagogic deceit of the gay marriage debate and showed us, with the utter authority and clarity known only to the righteous, a way across the Jordan and that this is a chance, to stand for love and be counted with the angels.


So watch the clip and if your eyes are dry at the end, then you’re a better man than me. 

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